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Nature friendly


Beech veneer bedroom Castello is composed of different cabinet sizes. Fronts of these cabinets are made of beech veneer in high shine.

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Living room VOLARE

Living rom Volare represent Brest's novelty in the autumn. The elements are designed in beech or walnut veneer.

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Living room BREST NOVI

Brest is a new modern living room made of natural and health-friendly materials. The impressive structure and color of the elm veneer in combination with metal handles and glass brings freshness into your room.

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Living room NEW WAVE

New Wave is a totally new concept of living rooms.

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·         As the production is running, we particularly care for the relationship with the karst world, because we are aware of our responsibility to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the mysterious Cerknica lake,

·         We include environmental protection in our development strategy and annual business plans, with the intension to continuously reduce negative impacts on the environment and improve the state of environmental protection in our company,

·         We plan new products and technologies and monitor the entire life cycle of product, its development, manufacturing, use and management when the life expectancy expires, in accordance with the principles of environmental protection,

·         When using materials and energents we care for the optimal use of them and for reducing the quantities of waste generated,

·         From suppliers and cooperatives we demand performance and respect of environmental regulations and other requirements,

·         We are training and teaching employees about the responsibilities to working and the wider environment.