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Nature friendly


Beech veneer bedroom Castello is composed of different cabinet sizes. Fronts of these cabinets are made of beech veneer in high shine.

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Living room VOLARE

Living rom Volare represent Brest's novelty in the autumn. The elements are designed in beech or walnut veneer.

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Living room BREST NOVI

Brest is a new modern living room made of natural and health-friendly materials. The impressive structure and color of the elm veneer in combination with metal handles and glass brings freshness into your room.

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Living room NEW WAVE

New Wave is a totally new concept of living rooms.

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About company

Between the Austrian and Italian Alps, the fertile plains of Hungary, and the shores of the Adriatic lies Slovenia - one of the smallest and most naturally endowed countries of the European Union. Its people enjoy alpine, continental, and Mediterranean climates, pure water, and great expanses of forest. In the center of the country is a unique lake, whose intermittent filling and emptying has stirred people’s imaginations for ages. The waters of Lake Cerknica are the backdrop to our factory, with its exceptional and long tradition of furniture manufacturing. The application of the newest technology, together with our employees’ creativity and knowledge, has resulted in a creative potential that inspires our business partners’ trust and the satisfaction shared by all of us.

Our company was founded in 1947, and has been completely privately owned since 1995. We have had a presence in the U.S. since 1950, and are increasing our market share there. Its premises include 28000 m2 of indoor space and 22000 m2 outdoor yard areas. We have 380 employees and our annual turnover exceeds 25 € million, utilizing over 2 million m2 of veneer to produce 500,000 pieces of furniture.Since 1996 we have had an ISO 9001 quality certificate, and since 2001 an ISO 14001 certificate as well. More than 75% of our production is sold in Europa, 15% in USA, 5% on Far East and 5% on other markets.Our proximaty to the motorway, railway, airport and port of Koper (c.30 miles) give us an excelent transport infrastructure and enables global trading. 

We are looking towards the future with the following goals: 

·     Company growth and increasing our brand recognition through the newest technology, as well as the knowledge and creativity of our employees;

·     Continually improving response time by satsgying market needs based on supply and demand, and especially the speed for placing new products in the market;

·     High-guality products coupled with lower production costs;

·     Attractive and competitive prices for our products.